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There is an assortment of Sunday School classes to help you dive into the word and grow in your faith and knowledge of God. There is a class for everyone it doesn't matter if you are new to in your faith or well seasoned, there is a class for you. Check out the list below of available Sunday School classes.

Don't know which class to join? Any of our staff members will be happy to help you find a place for you.


Location: Main Building, Room 108

Teachers: Terri Griggs, Bonnie Ramey, Pauline Sherrill, Anne Arnold

With the largest size of all of the congregation’s Sunday Schools, this class represents a wide variety of persons in the church. This class features humor, strong teaching, and a friendly environment. Join this class, and meet many of the leaders of Beulah inside.


Location: Main Building, Room 106

Teacher: Lynn Snow

With members who’ve been in the class for decades, this class has a strong pedigree and a faithful following. For deep community, visit this class and understand why people come and return time and time again.

New Centurions

Location: Education Building, Floor 2

Teacher: Jim Tyler

The New Centurions are a lively bunch of women and men of mixed ages! With Jim Tyler as their leader, each Sunday has energetic teaching from the adult United Methodist curriculum. The New Centurions are renowned throughout the Beulah community for their yearly play that raises funds for United Methodist missions. Join them this Sunday!


Location: Education Building, Floor 2

Teachers: Pam Collins and Mary Anne Huband,

We are a class of women who care for, share with, and encourage each other as we go through the various stages of life, using different Bible studies to inspire faith-building discussions.  For the annual collection of relief Kits for Conference, we provide school kits for the congregation to “purchase”, and the funds raised are used to assemble health kits.  We welcome you this Sunday to our supportive group!


Location: Education Building, Floor 2, Room 251

Teachers: Emma Bradley, Louise King

This eclectic and small group of women and men range in age from mid-40s to early-60s. Leadership is fluid, and a rotation of talented teachers. This group welcomes those who find themselves anywhere along life’s circuitous path.


Location: Education Building, Floor 2

Teacher: Louise Corde

This class is a great group of friends who understand that church is not a 1-hour-a-week undertaking. They meet each month for dinner around Chesterfield County, take trips during the summer, and host a Christmas party each Advent season. Come for superb teaching and a fellowship that you won’t soon forget.


Location: Education Building, Floor 2

Teacher: Lee Goff

The Pathfinders are a discussion-based life application biblically based class for any age. Comprised of mostly 40-year olds, this class has grown up together from young adults to now. They’re strong on the Bible and focus on Bible Study each Sunday. The curriculum comes from Lifeway or they study one book of the Bible at a time. Join this class for a Sunday and experience experienced teaching alongside quality community.


Location: Main Building, Room 112

Teacher: Lynda Spencer

This enthusiastic class, consisting of around twenty persons, meets each Sunday for discussion of the Bible and the adult ministries curriculum. While the class has multiple leaders, there is tremendous fruitful discussion from all parties. This class is perfect for those wanting to know more about the Bible and relationships.


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