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Introduction to Beulah Next-Gen Blog

Welcome to Beulah Next-gen Blog –

To give some introductory context of this blog:

One of my recent growing passions is “writing”. Writing has been a tool that has helped me personally because as an “extrovert”, writing has helped me put my thoughts into words without the worry of wandering off in my thoughts. And so, one of my joys that I wish to share with you is sharing a weekly blog post about pretty much anything. I will share likely a posts about psychology (I studied a lot on personality), coffee and food, film and tv-shows, etc. But there will be a common denominator amongst all of these posts. Each post will connect these things to something about Jesus Christ and the Church.

I would like to also confess in advance, that although writing is a passion, it is not my strength. I was always weak in English, especially when it comes to grammar. So I apologize in advance for any of our readers who are picky about grammar.

I would also like to mention that this blog project is not specifically mine and mine alone. My goal and hope is that this blog offers a picture for anyone who wishes to put their passions into writing or art as well. I invite anyone who wishes to offer their knowledge and passion to be a part of this blog. (And it can be in any form that best fits you)


In Christ, Pastor Dan Chun

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