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Holy Week!! Summary

Holy Week is upon us. This blog post simply explore for us:

What is Holy Week it? Why is it important? And what should we be doing during Holy Week! --

Holy Week simply is the last week of the Lenten Season. But on the last 7 days of Lent, we really dive into the heart of Jesus’ love for us seen on the cross and resurrection.

Holy Week is broken down into generally 5 sections as explained below. As you read each section, know that there are scriptures to be re-read and worship opportunities that all of you are invited to join.


Sunday (04.10) - Wednesday (04.13) - Palm Sunday and Build Up.

Palm Sunday represents Jesus entering the city of Jerusalem to fulfill His promise to die for us on the cross. We take these 4 days of Holy Week to reflect on how Jesus built up his life for this moment. How Jesus was fully present with those around him. How Jesus healed, taught, loved, etc. He spent 3 years doing ministry to build up for this moment. To enter Jerusalem to die for the very people who will put him on the cross.

Scripture Reading - Skim through once again John Chapters 1-12

Worship Opportunity - Daily Prayer @ Home


Thursday (04.14) - Maundy Thursday

The word “Maundy” comes from the Latin “mandatum” which means “command”. Maundy Thursday is the day we observe Jesus’ command to his disciple when he washes the feet of his disciples. Maundy Thursday is a pivotal reflection on how before Jesus dies for us, we consider how we are called to live. As Jesus would say “As I have washed your feet, now go and wash the feet of others”

Scripture Reading - John 13

Worship Opportunity - Maundy Thursday Service @ 7:00pm


Friday (04.15) - Good Friday

It’s ironic that we would call the death of Jesus “Good”. But while the world would think that mortal death is "sadness”, we as Christians see death as “Good”. Why? Because death for Christians means new life in heaven. We celebrate Good Friday by looking at the gruesome and suffering death of Jesus. In observance, we declare his death as Good because through his death, our sins have been pardoned and through faith, we are given new life.

Scripture Reading - John 18 & 19

Worship Opportunity - Good Friday Service @ 7:00pm


Saturday (04.16) - Silent Saturday

Scripture shows us that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days. Thus Saturday is considered “Silent Saturday”. A world without Jesus is truly a meaningless world. We take Saturday to reflect in silence what a world without Jesus would look like. How we are thankful that Jesus would not just die but resurrect because without Jesus in this world, we truly would be nothing.

Scripture Reading - None

Worship Opportunity - Worship in Silence at your own Home


Sunday (04.17) - Easter Sunday

On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead. The empty tomb represents that Jesus has come back to life. If His death represents our sins being paid for, His resurrection represents new life being given to us. On Easter Sunday, we declare the powerful words: “HE HAS RISEN”.

After 40 days of Lent, we come to this moment to celebrate the new life that Jesus gives us. We thank Jesus for what he has done and we go forth with a call to live faithful in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Scripture Reading - John 20 & 21

Worship Opportunity - Easter Sunday Service @ 11:00am

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